“Walks” by PSA and Renault, GM & S workers are ready to blow up their factory

This is the climax of an industrial tragedy that has bogged down since December. In desperation, the 279 employees of GM & S Industry, a subcontractor of the French automobile sector and second employer of the Creuse department, placed in receivership since December, destroyed on Thursday two of their tools (a press and a machine tool ) worth several thousand euros. Unanimously, they also decided to trap their factory. A La Souterraine, at the machine on which they have made since the 60 parts of some of the best sales of Peugeot and Renault, they installed gas canisters and gasoline cans. “We will blow up everything”, they registered a tank. Saying he “was kept out of the negotiations,” said the Inter regret having to “come to such end to be heard.”

Although they deny it, the two French manufacturers, who together account for 64% of turnover of the company, have power over the future of its employees because lack of firm commitments on volumes of forwarding orders, the French company GMD potential buyer will not be able to present a costed plan to Poitiers commercial court on May 23 In this case, it would be forced to decide the outright liquidation of the company Creuse.

“That’s enough! Labrousse Vincent ton, the CGT became the voice of the anger of the 279 employees. We are taxes to be radical in addressing the work tool, but it is not more than they which were first deprived us of our revenue by doubling our pieces and thrown into the clutches of an incompetent buyer they denounce today. ”

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Renaud Le Youdec, the negotiator crisis created by the legal representative, himself confesses not understand the attitude of car manufacturers. Having taken over the negotiations late April, he paid her apron, not without appeal to the responsibility of Peugeot and Renault, “French manufacturers have a responsibility when they disengage from order books written down recorded with French companies and to outsource elsewhere. The discourse that is to say that now that they have also affected parts historically produced here, they can no longer turn back is particularly audible in the current national context. “According to him, the position of the manufacturers is particularly inadmissible that its proposals “are quite consistent and reasonable in light of the recovery in the stamping industry.”

“A question of morality”

This specialist trading confesses he had never seen such a situation. “An ultimatum ran until Wednesday evening. Without new to date, I can only consider that the negotiation is aborted. So I resolved to restore the file to judicial officers “Still, he says,” since my arrival here, the employees have made real efforts: they continued to produce and renounced any social movement. they have, which was not acquired, accepted the principle of a redundancy program and even agreed, on my advice, to respond favorably to Renault’s urgent request to whom they supplied parts for those they had produced elsewhere were blocked [Brazil, ed]. ”

An application that, according to the Creuse direction, the diamond brand has reformulated this week even as negotiations were blocked. “I refused, I’m not paid for it,” says Renaud Le Youdec. And continuing: “In over 65 years, my career is behind me so much talk freely: I refused to do it and I explained very clearly to employees. It’s a question of morality, I will not ask one more effort to these employees for a partner whose behavior is being lead everyone to the job center. ”

The trader does not deny that Peugeot and Renault refused to assign new production at the plant and limit its commitment for any purpose series, giving not, in fact, no visibility on the future of this site. Yet it is equipped with a cataphoresis workshop, a rare tool on French territory. “What is accused, it is a social movement that led to the blocking of supply there several years and the failure of the last two bidders,” said the negotiator.

“They have condemned us to asphyxia”

In 2009, when the recovery site by Altia, manufacturers had yet had their say, as in 2014, when the name of the Italian buyer, Giampiero Colla, GM & S, was blown by PSA. “A downright bastard,” commented Alain Rousset, President of New Aquitaine during its site visit on May 3 And for good reason: the Italian investor has left bad memories at home also, in Fumel, where he drove Metal Temple liquidation.

“For six months we have left the work of negotiation to be said Vincent Labrousse, the CGT. A week before the hearing in Poitiers, we can only say that we were wandered from one end to the other by French manufacturers, who knew very well when they split their supply sources to d other subcontractors, they condemned us to asphyxiation. A week before the deadline, they continue to play with our future. ”

Employees are now calling for arbitration of the new head of state. They ask Emmanuel Macron, they had unsuccessfully invited to visit them at their candidate traveling in Oradour-sur-Glane on April 28 to take a position. “We want a serious debate among serious people, and that the French carmakers are face up to their responsibilities.” The gray mine but determined, they promise to “not die without a fight.”

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